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2 definitions by Aggie80

Nickname for a student at, or former student of, Texas A&M University, or one of the other associated schools.

Derived from the Ag of Agricultural & Mechanical commonly associated with universities established under the Morrill Act of July 2, 1862.
There were 20,229 Texas Aggies who served in World War II. Of these, 14,123 Aggies served as officers, more than any other school, including the combined totals of United States Military Academy and the United States Naval Academy.
by Aggie80 January 20, 2005
A smart girl. Created from typing 'smart girl' with the right hand shifted on letter to the left on the keyboard.
She was a snart gurk and finished 3rd in the contest. The snart gurks all went to the geek school.
by Aggie80 September 25, 2010