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1. An active homosexual male
2. An indecisive Australian Rules football player
1. "Stay in front of me, ya bloody shirtlifter"
2. "Kick it, ya shirtlifter, some of us have got to work on Monday"
by Agg August 10, 2003
18th Century English verb meaning "to shit on or in", or "to be covered in shit"
'On discovering my breeches were foully beshit, I hurried to divest myself of them."
by Agg August 10, 2003
A person who habitually drinks large amounts of beer.
"Let's get some dinner before all the piss-tanks get out of the bar"
by Agg August 10, 2003
A variant of "dickwit" in common use in the Northern Territory of Australia. Used in exasperation after slamming the phone down.
"Who was that?"
"That fuckinwanker of a mining engineer"
by Agg August 10, 2003
some sorta asshat idiot noob from outta space yo
playing and loving promode since 1992 k
<agg> hey tl can you play vs nobles tonight ?
<tl> JAPP
by AGG May 24, 2004
a human being who gets a little creeped out by this kind of attention sometimes :)
eek, stalkers!
by Agg May 29, 2003
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