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Someone who is so cute you just want to stick your hand up their shirt and spoon them forever.
"Oh Klaus, you are my cuddlepuppet!"

"Oh, Livermittens".
by Agentlover September 29, 2006
Using a warm piece of raw liver to masturbate.
Klosh put a pound of liver in the microwave for 45 seconds in order to simulate the temperature of a human vagina and out came a nice pair of livermittens. Dinner was served.
by Agentlover September 29, 2006
1. Created in 2002 by Miss Marie, it means: A glamourous lesbian, derived from the name of well-known R&B artist, Beyonce Knowles.

2. Can also be used to describe any lady who is looking hot for a night on the town, perhaps suggesting that she's so hot, straight girls will want a piece of that fur pie.
1. "Who are you taking to the party?"

"Probably my friend Shauna, that big ole Lesbeyonce"

2. "Oh hey girl with your new Louboutins and your precious weave! You are looking all Lesbeyonce all up in here! Delicious."
by Agentlover September 25, 2006
Sitting on a guy's face who has a beard.
"I've got rug burns from Curtis' sideburns! That boy has one helluva bearded booster seat."
by Agentlover October 04, 2006
Recent studies showed that LOL is not the universal standard for "Laugh Out Loud", rather there are many variances across the globe, namely the most popular German phrase: "I WILL DO LOL".
Girl: "I am looking for a makeout partner. Must brush teeth. Change pants frequently. Kill spiders for me. Must be willing to play horsie and be my cuddlepuppet."

Strange man in dark shadow : "I WILL DO LOL"
by Agentlover September 29, 2006
Abbreviation for "Baby Wipe Position". The sexual position where a female's legs are raised in front of her face while she is being penetrated. Also is known as an embarrassing position to be in while getting a Brazilian Wax.
"Ooh girl my back hurts. Devonte had me in the BWP all night long!"
by Agentlover October 04, 2006
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