3 definitions by AgentWar

this is a direct synonym for female masturbation. The "queen" is said to be the clit. this is the sister definition to flogging the bishop
"are you kidding me ... ashley could never get laid... i am pretty sure she is at home right now checking the queen"
by AgentWar October 11, 2006
the brooklyn hustle is when a person does an act or obtains a good or service for way less than the good or service actually cost whether by smooth talking or violence.
"I got these new sneakers from rai. Yea i found his bitch ass out side the corner store and told him to part with his fucking sneakers before something bad happened. Yea dude thats the brooklyn hustle on that."
by AgentWar May 05, 2006
this term is used to describe a man with a big cock who unceremoniously fucks a pregnant women as hard as he possibly can with no regard for the unborn fetus which is why he is said to give the fetus a black eye.
"so johnathan you actually fucked that skanky pregnant chick rachel? your fucking sick. did you give the fetus a black eye?"
by AgentWar May 05, 2006

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