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Useful program, but unfortunately the ultimate resource hog. Even a single minor maintenance update is around 100 MB to download, every single freakin' time. Takes up way more space than it oughta in memory, if you can even get it to start up at all.
Bob: You get the new iTunes?
Joe: Yeah, "upgraded" from 8.1.1 to 8.1.2. Same as the old iTunes.
by Agent0042 July 02, 2009
To consume something with great speed.
I couldn't believe he didn't have a massive stomachache after he decided to wolf down those five chalupas from Taco Bell.
by Agent0042 November 06, 2010
Funny pictures of kitty cats = ultimate productivity killer.
Manager: Dude, productivity in my office just dropped to zero after Bob discovered Lolcats.
by Agent0042 December 05, 2010
A bit of old-timey police slang. To say that a suspect "looks good" for something means that you think that they did it, that they're guilty.
Suspect: I swear, officer, I'm innocent. I didn't do it, honest!
Officer: Really? Cause ya' look good for it.
by Agent0042 October 07, 2010
Once upon a time, a friend was someone you knew, someone you hung out with, someone to share fun times with and sometimes more. Now, thanks to social-networking, the term "friend" has become harder to define...

Best Friend Forever (BFF) - Your closest friend - someone you share your secrets with, do things together and may even give gifts or money. The "forever" part isn't guaranteed, though.

Best Friend (BF) - Sort of like the above, but you don't share as much and it's a bit more of a loose relationship.

Friend - Someone you regularly hang out with or talk with, and like.

Frenemy - Someone you regularly hang out with or talk with, but you sometimes dislike them, they sometimes dislike you, or both.

Facebook Friend - Someone you share things with on Facebook. Could also be any or none of the above.

"Friend" on Most Other Websites - Might mean that you track each other's updates or profiles. This could easily be someone that have never had any direct contact with, even on a message board. Or, it could be any of the above.
Agent0042: Oh yeah, I have over 80 "friends" on TV.com. Some of these names I don't even recognize.
by Agent0042 January 06, 2011
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