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Kids, parents of kids & former kids who attend / attended a Waldorf or Steiner school, a movement of schools founded by Rudolf Steiner (the first was in the Waldorf cigarette factory in Stuttgart) in the early 1900's. Lots of the photos one finds of Steiner are a bit severe looking, but rumor has it that he was a hottie, and he may have been taken less seriously by other adults had he wandered around looking like a clown. There are a bunch of Waldorf / Steiner schools in the US as well as other places in the world. Some Waldorfians are hippie-esque in their lifestyle aesthetic & many are tree huggers (amateur or pro), but some are movie stars (who may hug a tree from time to time), and some are even Republicans. The whole idea is that you're eventually supposed to think for yourself instead of copying everyone else, whoever they are at the moment. Being called or referring to yourself as a Waldorfian can be positive or negative depending on tone and whether referring to what's consistent throughout Waldorf Education (e.g. fairy tales told in kindergarten) or a quirk of a particular school's culture.
You knit your own socks? You're such a Waldorfian!
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by AgeandTreachery December 28, 2009
A guy who has a keen interest in and whose tastes run to the contemporary and expensive - ostentatious even - in apparel, accessories, home decor, linens, art, movies, places, people and events. Appreciates bling, and will buy faux if real is beyond reach. Many of his memories may center on the statement made by what he or someone else was wearing. Is always ready to hop into a limo, preferably with supermodels in shiny, gold stilettos and glittery cleavage. If it doesn't work out like that, they'll shop online together for new Nikes. You never know when the cameras may fall on you, and he is ready for it.
Chris and Nathan are spending the day at the mall. It took them a while to leave the house because their outfits were too matchy-matchy and Chris found a crease in his sneaker. They are total limosexuals.
#limo #limo sexual #limmo #limosine #chromosexual #metrosexual #shiny #bling #shopping
by AgeandTreachery January 22, 2010
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