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Fucking every single guy/girl you went to school with, ensuring you do the odd number bases twice. While being filmed before posting it on a NUT website and achieving 72,000 views overnight.
Person A: - Wow, I heard Rob got to 72nd Base last night.

Person B: - Really? He didn't screw me
by After Eights April 12, 2010
When all the sex scenes in 73 films are reenacted. Including Atonement, Desperate Romantics, Sex in the City and American Pie. These are all filmed and posted on facebook. Links must then be sent to 73 people.
Person A:- Wow, Rob looked rough this morning
Person B:- Well he did reach 73rd base
Person A:- Ohh yeah, I got the link last night
by After Eights April 12, 2010
When you fuck everyone you know who possesses a name beginning with the next 5 letters in the alphabet after yours. You must then do 69 + 5 other positions to equal 74
Person A:- Guess what, I reached 74th Base with Rob last night
Person B:- I know, because I was the letter U
by after Eights April 12, 2010
A division of time in which an hour feels longer than expected, so named due to time flying by when you are fucking.
It was a fucking hour before he came.
by After Eights June 27, 2010
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