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When one person teaches another person the whole years course on MSN and that person aces the exam the next day, using just one case study.
Mike: Sup brah, you done any revision for the exam tomorrow?

Pete: Nah mate, can we craM-S-N?

Mike: No, you're on your own dick.

Pete: FFS, I'll just do some wikvision instead.
by Afromole June 09, 2009
The revision of a subject for an exam using only wikipedia.
Sudent 1: Alright mate, ready for the exam this mornin'?

Student 2: Nah, only managed to cram in one hour of wikvision last night, then I fell asleep.

Student 1: You're fucked...
by Afromole June 08, 2009
The kind of lag one would experience on xbox live caused by a player watching gay porn.
Bill: OH MY GOD CHEZ! Turn off the gay porn, you're causing so much faglag.

Daryll: But I like it, please don't make me turn it off!

Bill: Don't cry, eat a carrot.

*Daryll throws controller against bedroom wall*

*...then eats a carrot.*
by Afromole June 18, 2009

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