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The AK47-style (by reference to the notorious soviet assault rifle) is a way of life focused exclusively on results. Collateral damages are irrelevant.

You can apply the AK47-style to your job, couple, kids education, driving style, sex games, cooking...
Boss: this ain't no report... it's just a conclusion!
Employee: yeah it's AK47-style.

Jane: here's your AK47-style omelette, bitch...
Ruth: err... it's not even cooked...

Eva: wtf? Alan you already came???
Alan: yeah it was AK47-style.

Policeman: ...however, the traffic light was red.
you: come on, it's just AK47-style.
#weapons #way of life #damages #rifle #amo
by Afroboy April 16, 2008
Extreme BBQ is a sport involving grilled beef and cold beer.
Target is to reach food coma in the shortest time.

Founded in Europe in the 90's, the extreme BBQ official league is keeping track of official records and publish regulations (BBQ max. size, charcoal type, beef grade, beer temperature...)

According to the world Health Organization, 234 people died from extreme BBQ related activities in 2006.
The heavy weight extreme BBQ world champion 2007 is the German athlete Norbert Rist.
(23 T-bones and 18 beers in 47min, leading to vision troubles and hair loss).
#bbq #extreme sports #beef #official league #record
by Afroboy April 16, 2008
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