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4 definitions by AfroThunder

"A character, most definetly."

A 6'1+ male with a brown afro.
Said to have a "Viral" personality, but known by many to be Nonchalant and Apathetic. although known to go through moments of oddity and insanity.

unstable, handle with Caution.
"Going over to see The Mig. Be back later"
by AfroThunder June 22, 2003
1 0
Adj. Special, Outrageous Or Awesome
Ie: Its nothing Extradential
by AfroThunder June 13, 2003
3 2
V. To eat or to prepare food.
Similar to feeding
ie: Im gonna go get some fooding
1e: Ill call you back, Im fooding right now.
by AfroThunder June 13, 2003
8 9
Ex: I need totoprection!
by AfroThunder June 13, 2003
0 2