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3 definitions by AfroNinja117

The act of making something medieval
Before: "You Can't Touch This. Now Stop! Hammer Time
After: "Thou Canst Toucheth This, Now Halt, It Be-ith the time of hammer
by AfroNinja117 May 28, 2009
A character of a story who is the protagonist who, through a series of plot twists, ends up to also be the antagonist

a combination of protagonist and antagonist
Alex Mercer from Prototype could be considered an prantagonist
by AfroNinja117 October 12, 2009
When a person stays home from school or work "sick" because a game they want was released that day and they want to play it
Guy 1: Oh man, Will totally skipped school today just to play the new Halo game I bet

Guy 2: It's totally game release fever
by AfroNinja117 September 22, 2009