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A place where constant genocide, slavery, raping, and primitive human behavior can be seen on a daily basis. In short a cluster fuck of a continent. Tribal battles, fighting over natural resources and overall lack of cooperation ensure this place will stay the way it is for centuries to come. Africa has a history of being taken advantage of by both corporations, foreigners, and even its own people. Somewhat like the Middle East. Africa is also a money pit for anyone trying to help out because the money gets stolen, poorly distributed, or embezzled by the very officials that are supposed to be helping their countries. The only good thing to come from Africa is my fianc├ęs engagement ring.
5000 years from now....

Guy 1: Did you hear? Africa is preparing a rocket launch for its brand new space program.

Guy 2: Too bad the rest of humanity lives on Mars now, talk about behind the times.
by AfricaIsHell September 17, 2009

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