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A day when everything you try to do is difficult, time consuming and complicated.

The most simple tasks and needs are made extremely frustrating and stressful by the behavior and actions of people around you.
Friend: Hey, you look totally spent, what happened?

Victim: Well, it all started this morning ... *trouble story* *trouble story* *trouble story* *trouble story* ... that is why I am late and that is why I did not bring any beers.

Friend: Wow, sounds like a typical Vietnam day to me.
by Africa Asia Europa December 24, 2009
Intolerance = islam
islam = intolerance
1: Man, intolerance, that is such a vague concept to me.
2: Not to me, f I wanna picture it I just think of islam.
1: Yeah?
2: Sure, just look at at that piece of dirt murdering sect, then compare it to how much more tolerant the behavior of followers of any other faith on the planet is.
1: Ngh! it hurts my mind thinking how much shit people around the world, through out history and every new day that dawns, take from followers of islam?
2: There you have it, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism Christianity and countless other faiths show unbelievable restraint in the face of the intolerance that is islam.

1: Oh my god, imagine if all religions were as intolerant as islam.
2: Yeah, there would be a massive bloodbath around the world, as it is now it is at least contained to areas dominated by muslims or bordering muslim countries.
by Africa Asia Europa April 18, 2010

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