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1. Kuwaiti slang to describe complete, and utter boredome.

2. Kuwaiti slang for a distasteful situation.
Afnan: Hfff..Malaqa. You don't understand humor.
Hoda: ...No one told you to run into that cat, ok?!
by Afnan August 04, 2005
Derivative of sotla. An affectionate way of calling someone stupid.

The letter "a" is added when addressing a female.
Male: Aw, you're such a satool, man!

Female: Aw, girl, you're a satoola!
by Afnan August 04, 2005
Kuwaiti slang. Means 'stupid'.
My God, Taiba, you are such a sotla!
by Afnan August 04, 2005
Middle Eastern, Arab gulf countries word for people who suck. Often used to describe a gaggle of ill-mannered people, or your friends, if they embarass you.

Laughable people.
1. Get away from me, you habarbash! You guys aren't my friends anymore!
2. Wai, Fatima, look at those five habarbash trying to fit into that tiny Porsche.
by Afnan August 04, 2005
Pronounced G-eezy.

1. Someone who does not fit in. Ill-mannered, completely grotesque individul.

2. A guy who chase girls around and freaks them out. He also looks like ass.

3. A girl (G-EEZIA) who wears all-red clothes and blue lipstick.
Noora: Don't look now, but there's a a group of habarbash walking behind us.
Dalal: Oh man, is it International Geezy day?!

2. Look at her, wearing pink shoes and brown pants. What a geezia.
by Afnan August 04, 2005
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