25 definitions by AflacJack

Sixth-worst city in America, after Cleveland, Omaha, LA, Chicago and Boston.
But then again, it's still infinitely superior to Omaha, and only mildly inferior to the seventh-worst city: Baltimore.
by AflacJack May 22, 2005
Evil. The ASPCA uses rapes of Kathy Griffin's voice to euthanize puppies. Cute little puppies.
Kathy Griffin has sold 93.6% of her soul to the Devil.
by AflacJack May 07, 2005
A pretty crappy city. A shithole compared to New York. It doesn't even top Boston, which isn't even the best compared to Provincetown. And the people are arrogant asshole's, unlike New Yorkers.
There's no gay scene in Chicago. Bo-ring...I'm going to San Francisco.
by AflacJack January 18, 2005
Some snobby prick who all the girls think is "so cute" I dont get it. The guy looks like a fucken alien. especially with that gay bleached curly hair he used to have
Justin Timberlake sux
by AflacJack August 27, 2003
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