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What Boston Red Sox fans did in 2004 after beating the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series.
What New York Yankees fans have never done, victory or defeat.
by AflacJack May 22, 2005
...touches me at night. Seeking bedtime stunt-double.
Will pay in candy...and tears.
by AflacJack May 07, 2005
See hottie, cute as shit athlete and so on.
I have a huuuuuuuge crush on A-Rod. Check him out in those pinstripes!
by AflacJack January 18, 2005
Second-best team that money can buy. Second-highest payroll in MLB. A supplier of top players to the Mets and Yankees. Has a fanbase whose idea of celebrating victory in the ALCS is to riot.
SHIT! The Red Sox beat the Yankees again. Better go to Grandma's house to make sure that no one's burning it down!
by AflacJack May 22, 2005
The best time to turn people gay.
I recruited a bunch more 10-year-olds to my gay agenda today.
by AflacJack January 18, 2005
A dumb name for a provincial urban-renewal project somewhere in New England.
Beantown is overrated, and it shuts down at 2 in the morning. Lame.
by AflacJack May 22, 2005
Drugs used for ppl to build muscle and get stronger, better at sports, etc.
...damn, those things work
by AflacJack August 27, 2003

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