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The Greatest Rapper of all Time
Man pac would kick anus/wackermath's ass if he were alive today/
by Afi K. James July 10, 2003
The Safest, Strongest, and sleekest sports car in the world.
Not even my mother the car can't stop this.
by Afi K. James July 21, 2003
Still one of the best cartoons of all time.
Cartoons today are garbage, but the smurfs kept me alive.
by Afi K. James October 30, 2003
Still the coolest DJ on Hot 97

I Also love his show on spike tv
Holla ya heard.

The Cool Ride with funkmaster flex opening
by Afi K. James April 26, 2005
Bubba's So Much Better
If you think Bubba's a one hit wonder think again
Wait until you see the album deliverence.
by Afi K. James July 21, 2003
50 Snitch is a wanksta
50 is such a wanksta even worse than ja.
by Afi K. James July 30, 2003
This Ain't Metal
Slipknut is the worst band ever, anybody who likes this shit
should be paying $5 dollars a week listening to gene simmons
by Afi K. James July 21, 2003
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