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When one refuses to take relationships seriously until the perfect person comes along. They usually have sex with the person they are "with" giving them the appearence of being slutty.
PersonA:That courtney bitch is such a slut, constantly going from guy to guy.

PersonB:No she just has a Damsel Complex
by Afendra April 23, 2009
Combination of State and Patriotic
Loyalty to ones state, or the state you used to live in
Andy: Did you find out if Jimmy the Ground Hog saw his shadow?
Ms. Chew: No but Punksatony Phil saw his.
Andy: Come on you need to be more stateriotic.
by Afendra February 23, 2009
someone who goes onto urbandictionary.com and defines there name.
Idiot: Dude what are you doing?
Urban Idiot: I'm defining my name on urban dictionary.
Idiot: What did you say?
Urban Idiot: I said "a crazy shorty that loves to fuck. HUGE PACKAGE. can skateboard. loves to put it in the ladies ass. has great hair. sexy as hell. has a great firm ass, and loves people to touch it. it is orgasmic to him. likes all type of music. is in love with the store pac-sun. and has a nerdy brother and he is the exact opposite as his brother."
Idiot: Sweet.
by Afendra March 08, 2009
Someone who, when on facebook, updates their status multiple times so that thier status updates are within 2 updates of one another. This generally happens when someone is on facebook way to often and their status should in fact always be "isert name" is On Facebook.
Calvin is the status fiend

update: Calvin is Sleepy

update: Calvin feels like going to bed

update: Jim Took the which power ranger are you quiz he is the red ranger.

update: Calvin wants to be the pink ranger

update: Mary has to sleep

update: Calvin is sighing off
by Afendra April 10, 2009

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