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Is really addicted to masterbating.He/she does it every moment they can and has enough stamina to last all day masterbating without food or water.
Dude You look at porn so much you're a jackoff super myster.
by AfRo SaUcE December 17, 2005
Best at not being a noob.
Dude that guy isnt an Uber noob he is an anti Uber noob!
by AfRo SaUcE December 17, 2005
Getting owned to the supreme by a supreme.The person has more kills,has not died, and is owning the living hell out of you.
Damn yall are getting owned, this is a fucking wreck fest!/OOHH!!! Overkill bitch, god wat a wreck fest

by AfRo SaUcE December 17, 2005

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