12 definitions by Aesop

a butch dyke
That lumberjill over there looks like John fucking Goodman
by aesop December 01, 2003
To gag someone with your finger while banging their ass, thus causing them to tighten up.
I wolf gagged my parole officer last night, he's my bitch!
by Aesop November 03, 2003
a peep show.
I work at the skank tank.
by Aesop April 30, 2004
the area tween your genitals and pooper. The taint
My maple bar is like an itchy little bitch right now.
by aesop November 06, 2003
Nirvana for frat assholes
Muddle of pud and date rape ROCK!!!
by aesop December 01, 2003

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