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a smaller and more inexperienced n00b. Similar to the nub. Most of the time, kids from ages 7 to 11 think that once they buy the game, they are masters, so they play online (with more experienced players). Most of the time, nubtiods (the plural of a nubtoid) usually ask for more help and are more annoying than n00bs and n00bies.
Man, this kid is such a nubtoid!
Hey! I just got the game!
#n00b #nub #n00btastic #n00bs #nubs #n00bies
by Aerista T'laska April 18, 2011
Usually the loudest, verbaly and musicaly, part in the entire band, orchestra, etc. Plays extensivly loud until they are told otherwise.
Dude, shut up!
NEVER! I'm in the precussion.
Oh, well then that changes everything!
#band #marching band #drum #drummer #drum line
by Aerista T'laska May 18, 2011
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