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First developed and marketed in the 1930's as Benzedrine to fight narcolepsy, Amphetamines are now used to fight everything from Minimal Brain Dysfunction (MBD) to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

During World War II amphetamines were widely used to keeping soliders alert during battle, or on long patrols. It is now being used widely by anybody who want's to stay up late into the night, for example truck drivers, or students staying up studying.

In the past fifty years though amphetamine, or speed/tweek as it is known, has been used by drug addicts simply looking for another high. This could range from your average drug user to ravers who take speed with ecstacy to inhance the rush.

Some symptoms of amphetamine use are: restlessness, tremors, rapid breathing, hallucinations, panic, aggressive attitude, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heartbeat fluttering, seizures, and pupil dilation.
After smoking all that speed, there is no way I'm going to be able to sit still.
by Aegrimonia July 12, 2004
A popular line of clothing sold widely in Hot Topic stores. Kikwear clothing, or Kiks, were originally worn by ravers, but are now worn widely by many in the youth culture, especially by those seeking to avoid the "preppy" look.
Hey mate, check out my Kiks! 60-inch bottoms!
by Aegrimonia July 11, 2004
Insult used in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to describe someone who is behaving exceptionally disfavorable.

Someone who ought to be repremanded with a shotgun shell in the face.
Nobody gives a shit about what you think, you fucking Branch Davidian.
by Aegrimonia July 11, 2004
The shortened form of lamecore. To describe any situation that is lame, or unfavorable. Used in chat mediums, such as AIM or Yahoo!
Yeah, the lead singer was wasted and fell off the stage. All in all, the show was pretty lxc.
by Aegrimonia July 09, 2004
One's anal passage.

Mud, a synonym for shit, and Vayne, which stands for the backpassage itself.
Man, eating at Taco Bell three nights in a row... my mudvayne is going to wreak havoc tonight!
by Aegrimonia July 11, 2004
Popular line of clothing worn originally by ravers. Mostly noted for their very baggy jeans and pants. Caffeines are now sold widely in Hot Topic stores and worn by more than just ravers, but generally any of the youth population seeking to avoid the so-called preppy look.
Dude, check out my new pair of Caffeines.
by Aegrimonia July 11, 2004

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