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To work.
it bassically means work - whether physical or mental.
1) alec: why u got so much money in ya bank u rich cunt!?
Adam: Ive done 4 weeks hard graft for that so i deserve it ya PRIK!
2) Its been a hard day of graft dad, so get out that chair and let me chill with the tele 4 a while!
by Adz H January 10, 2006
This expression basically means your home-girlz. It is taken from the male origin man-dem. Can be used by both male and female homies, 2 describe thier home-gyal.
1) wassup gyal-dem? wot u up 2?
2) ive gotta gyal-dem thats obbsessed with that stuff! 4 real.
3) uve been my gyal-dems from pure time, trust.
by Adz H January 08, 2006
This word comes from the well known drum & Bass MC; mc skibadee. It basically means to make a move or to leave the room/building/car. It can be used as a word on its own to let ur man-dems know that uve gotta get out of there quik! Or if u kno a member of authority is listening this one word will alert your home-boys so u can get the hell out quickly.
1) Yo man-dems, the police are round the corner. lets skibadee!!!
2) Come on Stizz!!! - weve gotta skibadee quik-time!!!
3) Skibadee, b4 u get a cap popped in your dome!!!
4) Lets skibadee, after we've listened 2 dis MC Skibadee track!
by Adz H January 09, 2006
This is a prefix, that is added onto anything that you are doing/having, without permission, when at work, or in some type of lesson, where rules are to be followed.
1) (when working outdoors) Scott, go and make us a cheeky-bru whilst the boss is havvin a shit!!!
2) Rite, i'l go and roll us a cheeky-joint in the toilet.
3) I had a cheeky-spliff at work, itz always better when ur not supposed 2 be doin it!!!
by Adz H January 10, 2006
A phrase used to describe a single, or group of minky.
- Taken from the well known geordie comedian Roy chubby Brown.
- Used to describe the wife/girlfriend.
1) Fukkin hell, chubbsy gets loadsa split-ass now he's a famous CUNT.
2) Is me tea on the table you SPLIT-ASS!?
3) Lets go down 2 the old folks home and get us sum easy split-ass!!!!!!
(Chubbs) ***DANCES*** fUCK OFF!!!
by Adz H January 11, 2006
This is a word used to tell sumone that you are leaving now.
- taken from the prefix; off.
- replaces the word off.
1) rite ladz, im knakkered so im off-dees, inabit.
2) Off-dees!
by Adz H January 10, 2006
Sounds like fat cunt - can be used around respectable authority, to disguise the words.
when spoken quikly, this sounds jus like fat cunt....brilliant!
2) Hey, man put me down i only shouted fact hunt - im not dissing ur wieght problem!!!
3) (in skool) Mr. Stewart is a FACT HUNT...
by Adz H January 10, 2006

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