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A form of education that, rather then provided by the federal government, is privately directed and must be paid for. Although the majority of the kids that go to these schools are white and relatively well off there is a large group of private school students who sacrific many luxeries to have a private education. Contrary to popular beleif, most of the kids who go to these schools are hardworking, inteligent, thoughtful, kind, and caring kids. All the schools are not all mono-sex, in fact most of them are not. They are not only for the rich and preppy. These schools are for kids that would like to have an education molded for them personally by a small group of inteligent people, rather then the government of The United States. So, please, rather then jump to conclusions about the kids and the schools actually find out about the places and we private school kids will do the same for public school.
Public school kid: O, private school are filled with preps and rich kids kids who never have to work for anything.

Private school kid: Public school is for people from the ghetto. None of them can complete a full sentence.

Me: Cant we all just... get along?
by Advocateboy August 31, 2007

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