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A seriously disturbing act of sexual gratification.
But it wasn't illegal.
Well she didn't say no.
by Adrian Salazar May 17, 2005
A general of an awesome army of another time
This way dammit!
by Adrian Salazar June 01, 2005
to win a fight in an unorthadox yet very effective way
Did you see Matt bust out the ninja skills on Jim? I saw his brains and everything!
by Adrian Salazar May 09, 2005
the heart and soul of the word crap
I wish I could get shot in the face nine times then maybe I could get millions of dollars and a video game
by Adrian Salazar May 12, 2005
A album or song that tells a story originated by the who followed by Pink Floyd and destroyed by Green Day
If I hear American Idiot one more time im going to chop the head off a kitten and I wont even care...bitch
by Adrian Salazar June 01, 2005
A sell out fuck who used to be a great actor then sold his soul to jesus for a fuckin crispy creme! WHAT THE FUCK ITS A FUCKIN DONUT GET OVER IT AHHHHHHHHHH
Ed Wood was a good movie

Finding Neverland was a shit film
by Adrian Salazar May 10, 2005
those fucks that spend their time butt-fucking each other and helping old women across the street
I know this kid jim, hes in the boy scouts... hes got aids... in his ass...
by Adrian Salazar May 10, 2005

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