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3 definitions by Adrenalineboyz lover

A motorcycle stunt group located in metro Atlanta
The adrenalineboyz blew my mind at that stunt competition today!
by AdrenalineBoyz lover April 07, 2009
An extreme motorycle exhibitionist pilot. Someone who has completely mastered the art of pushing a lightweight motorcycle beyond the realm of what most thought impossible. made famous by the AdrenalineBoyz, Kyle Woods, Darius Kashabi, Aaron Twite, Street fighters, Bill Dixon, and Tandem Tom, who push the sport to become a main stream sport.
The AdrenalineBoyz has a stunter who is truly amazing! Most only wish they could be a real stunter!
by Adrenalineboyz lover April 07, 2009
To do something so amazing that people can not even believe what they have just seen!
The Adrenalineboyz motorcycle stunt team just split my wig with that awesome stunt!

Matt Flora is a wig splitter!
by Adrenalineboyz lover April 07, 2009