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The world's best singer of all time, and the most underappreciated, because she is BLACK and BEAUTIFUL and PROUD and keeps it real and didn't have crossover appeal. I.E. she didn't make her music "white" enough. I'm white, I'll admit many of my race would not know good music if it bit them in the ass, and don't appreciate Black music, but since there are more of them, record companies and radio stations and music charts go by that! Which is sad, people that don't like her are totally missing out!! Known best for "Never Knew Love Like This Before", she's got many other songs, all great. She's done R&B, soul, disco, gospel and more. She's got slow songs, fast songs, and everything in between. She is so beautiful, her voice, songs, mind and soul are all so beautiful. She is still around, still tours, tweets (with beautiful uplifting messages), is on facebook too. All of her music is the bomb. Her concerts are great too. Both her concerts and albums are such a joy to experience and are so uplifting, she brings joy to the world in everything she does. She is beloved by everyone with appreciation for REAL music and REAL singers who keep it REAL!
Stephanie Mills is the best singer of all time! Stephanie Mills gives me chills!
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