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When a difficult, tiresome, or amorous task has been completed with manly brio, one is entitled to use this phrase in lieu of an affirmative answer to a question regarding the accomplishment of said task.
Mike: "Tim? The gagortion?"
Tim: "Got-R-Did."

Bill: "Answer me, man, you boned her!"
Jeremy: "Got-R-Did."

Ian: "Don't even come in this house you ain't got my cigarettes."
Clyde: "Got-R-Did, Got-R-Did."
by Adonis Whinny Cole August 20, 2006
Jizz Lung is a serious illness of the lungs resulting from prolonged exposure to aerosol jizz particles. Those afflicted often experience death and pain. Its treatment carries added risks, such as Napkin Lung. Jizz Lung is not communicable.
Gene Wilder was long a silent sufferer of Jizz Lung before succumbing to its fatal embrace in 2001.

I would not hang out at Russell's house if I were you; you might catch Jizz Lung.
by Adonis Whinny Cole August 20, 2006
The gradual and then sudden deterioration of a person's feet due to incessant submersion in jizz.
The hellish sight of a friend's God-given feet consumed in a morass of the enemies' pud -- Jizz Foot drove many GIs insane long before the illness took its grisly toll on toes and ankles.
by Adonis Whinny Cole August 20, 2006
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