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When a man is done fucking something and the cum oozes out
"wipe that Oozing larry off of me before it hardens !"
by Adonay September 20, 2007
when a shit is lit on fire and massaged onto body

1. take shit
2. stir with gasoline until creamy
3. let freeze
4. lite on fire
5. And enjoy!
one day i was totally horny so i bent her over and gave her a burnt brownie the following night
by Adonay September 20, 2007
after a guy/girl is done giving head and the cum is in her/his throat it is spat back at the shooters testicle's
my ball were so salty after that wet veronica you gave me that i had to bleach them with a bag of noXema for an hour and a half
by Adonay September 20, 2007
when you stick cereal in the girl's pussy, then the guy fucks her and cums in her, finishing it off with 'the milk', then eats it all
he ate the whole bowl of life cereal right before my eyes! dam that was a good captain Crunch
by Adonay September 20, 2007
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