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2 definitions by Adolf Schicklgruber

Waiter Reparations (1984 – Present day)

Waiter Reparations, slang. A waiter that has been stiffed and under-tipped by the African-American community so many times that he or she believes their obligations for the evils of slavery have already been fulfilled.
“I’ve already paid my fair share to the blacks by the lack of money I did not make when I was waiting tables. I’ve done my part in paying waiter reparations.”

Please refer to Department of Treasury Form 2-X-90007 Adjustment Claim African-American Reparation Form for Service Employee Workers
by Adolf Schicklgruber June 14, 2006
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Bohemian W.A.S.P. (1943 – Present day)

Bohemian W.A.S.P., slang. (Bohemian, Czech, or in a modern sense, Eastern European in origin or ancestry; WASP, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) A person usually from but not limited to the geographic proximity of the City of Chicago that is of Eastern European ancestry being utterly inculcated into the contemporary American Eastern Establishment in beliefs, manners, mannerisms, dress, and education. The bohemian W.A.S.P. is so thoroughly indoctrinated into this system that even he or she is oblivious to his or her assimilation, let alone others of the Anglo-American ruling class.
A recent example of this phenomenon that is currently in the fourth generation took place at the W________t restaurant in San Francisco. “I was completely baffled when the man at my table gave me his credit card!” Says Clarence __________, a waiter whose name is also somewhat of a Bohemian W.A.S.P. derivative. Clarence continues: “The man was tall, about 6” 5” with blond hair and blue-green eyes. He was reading the linear notes on the sleeve of a Benjamin Britten Compact Disc, possibly the War Requiem. I overheard his wife with striking patrician good looks talk about Milton, and how difficult the Latin translations were at Yale.” “I truly thought I was in the presence of the real thing, especially when she referred to her son as “Harold the IIIrd”.
“When he paid with his American Express Black Card, the one made of tin, I was thinking maybe Rhode Island, or parts of Connecticut but to my surprise the name on the card read: HAROLD THORNTON REJCEKOVONOVICH. Wow! I thought. I’m in the presence of a Bohemian W.A.S.P!”

A slight sub variation is also known as White Anglo Saxon Polish.

by Adolf Schicklgruber June 14, 2006
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