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A legendary drug that submerges the user in a world of pure ecstasy with no physical or psychological side effects. Sought by many, it's very existence has been questioned by experts.
Random guy #1: Dude did you see that guy? He looked like he was trippin on friggin mystic pineapple.
Random guy #2: Dude I gotta get me some of that
by adn March 03, 2005
A gentleman who is extremely successful with the ladies.
In the last 4 weeks, that dude has short-term dated women of several ancestries including brazilian, french, and tahitian. In terms of purely domestic women, he short-term dated a chick who is 4 inches taller than him, and a 20 year old who drove up from Hamilton to service him. The list doesn't even include the dirty lawyerettes that debriefed him. What a ladychap he is.
by Adn August 06, 2012
A beastly fruit bent on world domination.
News anchor: Today, mysticpineapple took over the world. Back to you steve.
by adn March 03, 2005

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