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2 definitions by AdmiralSpiffy

A mirror above a toilet that is low to the point where you can actually see your Johnson working its magic. Also applicable if the mirror only shows ones face, and if you make silly faces while you go pee.
"Ah dude, your piss mirror distracted me so much that I whizzed all over your toilet seat."
by AdmiralSpiffy July 05, 2009
A term for the condition of the alcoholic population of Key West after a wild night, typically found asleep on the sidewalks of Duval St. or on the docks near Mallory Square.
"Man, I drove in to Key West this morning and I could've sworn I saw a dead guy on the side of the road."

"Nah, he wasn't dead, he was just Duval St. Dead."
by AdmiralSpiffy August 08, 2009