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A person that is completely sexually open. This includes but is not limited to heterosexuality, homosexuality and incest. Megasexuals will have sex with men, women, intersexuals, animals, vegetables, minerals, furniture, tesla coils, jack frost, legal tender, Seth Killian, electricity, humunculi, naked singularities, baby bottles, garbage plates, starfish weiners, lady boys, snowmen, admiral ackbar, vestibules, mother nature, pygmies, real dolls, dr. sheldon cooper,Thor, traps, psyduck, dinosaurs, NCC-1701D, fox news pundits, spin networks, toasters, Mayor McCheese, lepers, dirty diapers, christmas, your mom and
whatever blanka is and beyond.
Larry broke up with Nick because he found out he was a megasexual; he could not forgive him for the time Glenn Beck tag teamed him with a geode.
by Admiral "IT'S A TRAP!" Ackbar December 24, 2009
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