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noun: slang term for a heterosexual male. Oversexed hetersexual man. Pervert.
Last night five women caught and castrated a stupid chair-sniffer.
by Adidasrob May 17, 2006
Pathetic manifestation of insecurity on the part of heterosexuals who are not simply content to be the majority but have to make sure that every other form of sexuality is marginalized.
The hecklers out-numbered the breeders at the hetero-pride parade. Let's beat the crap out of some of them like they do to us after Gay pride parades.
by Adidasrob May 17, 2006
Insatiable heterosexual male who wants to poke every woman he sees. Pervert. Rapist.
Gord's girlfriend left him because he's too much of a pussy hound.
by Adidasrob May 17, 2006

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