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When you are so fat that the idea of eating makes you horny
Dale and Tina are really fat.

Yea their whole sex life is based on their food fetish
by Adhd93 November 14, 2010
long term damage

originating from the movie "Ghosting" when Alex ran over Nick's leg so Nick punched him in the balls. Nick ended up being fine, but Alex's ball was permanently damaged.
That guy punched you pretty hard. Are you sure your ok?

Yea I'm fine. This isn't like Alex's ball.
by adhd93 May 29, 2011
The act of using a chicken wing in place of a mans penis because the woman is more likely to get an orgasm from the chicken wing due to the small size of the mans penis
Damn you have a tiny dick. Have you ever given your girlfriend an orgasm?

Yea. She always does once I start chicken winging her
by ADHD93 April 25, 2010
A day where fat people can eat even more than they usually do and not feel bad, then use the leftover gravy while having sex. May also use a turkey leg in a similar manner as chicken winging
On thanksgiving, tina always makes two turkeys for her fat husband and herself. She also makes extra gravy so dale can fuck her while licking the gravy off of her nipples.
by ADHD93 April 27, 2010

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