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3 definitions by AdeolaSayss

(Adj) Someone one who is a total retard.

Eddie: I got a 58 on my Bio test
Adeola: Youre such a bentard.
by AdeolaSayss February 23, 2009
12 2
(Adj) A very sexy male
Damn, did you see that guy? Hes got some spicy balls
by AdeolaSayss February 23, 2009
4 1
When you suspect one of your bros to be a homosexual
When something is really lame

Example 1
Bro 1: I think Billy is Gizzle
Bro 2: How do ya figure
Bro 1; I was getting changed in the locker room, and I saw his eyes wander down to my ding dong.
Bro 2: Omg, you might be on to something!

Example 2
Eddie: Wow, Ben you like to watch horse porn?!
Adeola: Youre so fucking gizzle
by AdeolaSayss February 23, 2009
8 11