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pronounced -you-dee-es-

Ugly duckling syndrome

A person who has grown up as an physically unattractive person but later becomes good looking. As a young person they were able to develope a non-bitch attitude and were able to have some developement in their brain. Thus they get a very likeable personality because they can't rely on their looks.

When they became attractive they have a great personality unlike people who grew up knowing that they are better looking than other people.

Hence Ugly duckling Syndrome
Guy 1: Man that hot chick i was with last night was so funny and smart

Guy 2: Probs had UDS
by Ade Holf March 22, 2009
A man who is older than 40 and hangs out at clubs "hunting" for females younger than 25 for a sexual relationship.

More commonly known as a Pathetic Loser
WTF that Male Cougar just hit on that young babe. What a loser!
by Ade Holf February 18, 2010

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