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A person who wants to do good but does not quite make it. They arrange gatherings in town and tell people that there are going to be loads of people there with lots to do. Once you arrive you see him by himself usually in or heading towads Sainsbury's.
You say "You Stockley" or "You really Stoklied this haven't you!"
by Adamski Belletovinch November 27, 2006
The is the greatest offence ever created, it is the brain child of the person who added it to the urban dictionary. The phrase (Homo-incestual-pyro-negro philiac) means, someone who has sex with someone the same sex as them, related to them, whilst they are dead and on fire.
An example of Homo-incestual-pyro-negro philiac is:

A Boy walks into a grave yard finds his great great great uncle, digs him up, sets the corpes alight and has sex with it.
by Adamski Belletovinch December 01, 2006

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