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To unsubtly say something, then later deny having said it at all; to say that your opponent isn't a Muslim "to my knowledge."
"He Clinsinuated that she was a lesbian because she never slept with him."
by Adama Brown April 08, 2008
When you can act like somebody who's off their meds, and yet still be under consideration to receive the nuclear missile codes.
"Did you hear Sherrie tried to light somebody on fire last night and then laughed about it? That girl's McCrazy."
by Adama Brown April 07, 2008
When something comes out of nowhere and clobbers you, without getting any of you on itself.
"The tractor-trailer really Obombed that little poodle dog."
by Adama Brown April 07, 2008
A strategy by which you defeat your obstacles by running at them full tilt and ramming them with your face.

Also, the ability to hit every single tree on your downhill ski trail.
"This political campaign is a classic example of a Clinertia strategy."

"Man, he really had some Clinertia going into that brick wall. Did they ever find his other ear, by the way?"
by Adama Brown April 07, 2008
When an election is in the bag, at least until the voters get involved.
"My Congressman thought he was going to stay in office, but his reelection is Clinevitable."
by Adama Brown April 07, 2008

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