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"laughing quietly to myself"

Invented by comedian Demetri Martin
"... so I said, rectum? nearly killed him!"
by Adam Zivojnovich January 15, 2007
A freedom fact or fract for short. created by Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report.

fracts are usually interesting, yet useless and random, pieces of information on the greatness of America
Me: Did you see the fract on the colbert report last night?
random person: Yah! America rules! USA!! USA!!! USA!!!
by Adam Zivojnovich March 08, 2006
When someone is wailing super hard on a guitar.

One might say that they are wailing harder then captain ahab, or "going ahab". In case your completely ignorant, captain ahab is from Moby Dick, and he was hunting a giant whale... or whaling, if you will.
*Kyle is playing Guitar Hero as Adam stares in awe*

Adam: "OMG!! Kyle is playing Bark at the Moon on extreme mode, he's totally going ahab!"
Kyle: "I pwn"
by Adam Zivojnovich March 09, 2006
The Dragon Claw is the 1-3-5 (Red-Yellow-Orange) chord in "Through The Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce in Guitar Hero 3.

It is the most difficult chord in the game.
Man, I was going ahab on Dragonforce 'til I hit the Dragon Claw!
by Adam Zivojnovich February 18, 2008
A outwar player who will try to get exps in outwar by getting every single person he possibly can to click on his outwar link.

They often post on random forums or websites and do everything they can to trick people into clicking on there outwar link.
outwhore: OMG, i found this video of the Olsen Twins Naked! http://geocities.com/iamadamz/porn.html
random person: awesome!

*clicks on the link*

random person: You fag! that was just your outwar link!
outwhore: roflcopter!!!111 thanks for the xps noob!
by Adam Zivojnovich March 09, 2006

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