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Shore Acres is a pleasant suburban retirement community located in Maryland. A haven for antiquing, Shore Acres boasts quiet streets, well-manicured lawns and a quaint imitation-Colonial church that can be toured between 2 and 4 PM on any weekday save Tuesdays. Shore Acres Click is an imaginary gang invented on the internet by a small group of white teenagers who reside in Shore Acres with their grandparents. The only requirement for membership is the inability to spell "clique."
Me and my homies in the Shore Acres Click used to smoke hella pot while we watched Total Request Live, until my Nana found our stash and took it away. Yeah boyee!
by Adam Weishaupt May 17, 2008
Elision when practiced by rappers.
Elision: "O'er the ramparts we watched" (Francis Scott Key)
Illision: "E'r'body do dis..." (Lil Jon)
by Adam Weishaupt November 13, 2010
1) Unusual, weird, worthy of notice. This is now the most common usage of the word. "We're both wearing the same shirt today, how ironic!"

2) Describes the act of doing something with self-conscious humor or for kitsch value. This is a recent meaning, and usually refers to an article of clothing worn by a hipster. ex: "Does he actually work at a carwash, or is he just wearing that shirt to be ironic?"

3) adj. (antiquated) The opposite of the expected or intended result. This once-popular meaning was originally the only correct usage of the word, but it has now fallen into disfavor. It is still used occasionally, but is considered outdated and pedantic. ex: "I find it ironic that a song about irony should contain so few examples of it."
(advice from a small-town Midwesterner to a New York writer) "Just remember that the difference between your people and my people is that my people bowl without (being ironic)." from Self-Made Man, Norah Vincent
by Adam Weishaupt April 12, 2008

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