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2 definitions by Adam Waterfield

A derogatory term to refer to somebody or some object that isn't particularly attractive.

It could also refer to their personality and general characters which in total amount to them being well and truly repulsive.
"Ewww, thats vile."

"Yuck, he/she is vile".

"How can you do that? Thats just vile!"
by Adam Waterfield December 05, 2006
Term used to describe something remotely challenging. Often used in a context where someone doesn't really have the willpower or enthusiasm to carry out a task even though they have the ability both physically and mentally to perform it.
"Hmmm, it's a bit of a toughie this one".

"Did you do the homework? I tried doing most of it, it was a toughie".

by Adam Waterfield December 05, 2006