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1.) The action of knocking someone unconscious with one blow of the fist, usually in the face, where the person does not regain consciousness for an extended period of time.

2.) Referring to marijuana. A person, relatively new to marijuana, who inhales one hit usally under the pressure of peers, and pretends to act high because the lack the knowledge of what high feels like.
1.) Did you see the one hitter quitter that disfigured Brian's model face?

2.) My friend used to be a one hitter quitter, quite often making the claim that he got high because he weighed less.
by Adam Shatter October 04, 2005
( pare uh pawn )

One who is easily manipulated by a usually persuasive individual, and begins to display and emmulate characteristics of that person. The word is derived from the phrase personnal pawn, where the pawn is the piece manipulated by the player.
Timmy has been Raekwon's perapon ever since he met the older and more experienced hustler.
by Adam Shatter October 06, 2005
Able to hold an insane amount of weed smoke for a long period of time. Long enough to zero the hit.
Damn, Adam is a tank, hes got vaccuum lungs
by Adam Shatter October 05, 2005

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