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Game usually played in school,
in which one attempts to shoot balls of paper into a seated girls revealing ass crack and lower pants area.
Look at that girls crack, You wanna play Botty Buckets?
by Adam Rage April 27, 2004
Similar to the insult "Pussy"

V. A caucious or wimplike guy. One who shows constant appearant fear.
Dude, stop being a vagina boy and ask her out!
by Adam Rage April 27, 2004
A rare yet comedic term for a mans "junk" (Penis and testicles)
You better wear a cup or you might get kicked in the Cobler
by Adam Rage April 27, 2004
Wider desciption of the "NEW" generation of Hardcore music and Agressive metal IE: the heavies of Metalcore/ hardcore metal with the least amount of distinction to modern metal influences.
Examples of "Newcore" bands include but are not limited to;
As I lay Dying, Unearth, Premonitions of war, Blood has been shed, Symphony in peril, Old Eigteen visions, Ect.
by Adam Rage May 31, 2004
1)very insane/intertaining occurence.
2) Sloppy, spit filled kiss.
What a slobber knocker this boxing match is!

Dude thats sick! He just planted a big slobber knocker on him!
by Adam Rage April 27, 2004

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