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3 definitions by Adam RD

When a man pokes his erect penis into his partner's cheek causing their mouth to open, to stick their tounge out and to look confused similar to the Goomba's in the Super Mario Brother's Movie.
Last night, Jenny totally got Goomba'd and looked like a fool.
by Adam RD October 24, 2006
An awful meat substitute.
Hamburger helper is as shitty as Spam as a meat substitute.
by Adam RD November 28, 2006
A variation on the Spiderman in which the man catches the ejaculate in his hand and then uses the hand to stiff arm the unsuspecting woman as he runs away. Bonus points for performing a touch down dance after the completion of the act.
I was with this girl last night and I totally Tim Tebowed her!
by Adam RD October 19, 2006