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A sexual position where the woman is doing a hand stand at the foot of the bed (back against bed)and a male (or woman bearing proper apparatus) holds her by her left foot with one hand and puts their right middle finger in the woman's belly button while ****ing her in the a**. Recommendation: sing the mexican national anthem while you are doing it.
The Mexican National anthem is best sung during the Mexican Panda
by Adam Paul December 18, 2004
1.To perform an action on another using only the number preceding eight and following the number six. Also known as Acute angling.
2.To elect a candidate for the seven club. Outlining the "7" results in member ship but it must be performed by a second member of the seven club. To be designated a, a triple seven must tatoo the number in your arm using a telephone and red dye number 12.
3. To lay grunt work on a shit-kicker
1: Must i seven you again?

2: Would you like to be sevened little boy?

3: Hi, super-allen, here's a seven.
by Adam Paul December 18, 2004

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