4 definitions by Adam Mills

Odor that lingers.
There is this strange stench of smegma near my anus! what a folly!
by Adam Mills July 22, 2003
One having severe Problems with One's Penis. (Mr. SuggleFutz) its related to genital warts but not limited to.
Sir Darby: "My dear sir, What ever is the matter?"
Me: "Darby, I am seem to be having difficulty extracting my penis from this dog's anus"
Sir Darby: "egads! A penile predicament!"
Me: "Oh I say, Righto!"
Sir Darby: "What a folly!"
by Adam Mills May 08, 2003
much like stetego, its cousin, shit-tego enjoys long wals on the beach.
man shit-tego your one bad, SHITTTT!@
by Adam Mills April 29, 2003
a real SKANK! one that GIVES YOU Anal Warts
that bitch is gonna get chocked and stuck in my garbage can and taken to the dump in a truck, auchwitz style!
by Adam Mills April 29, 2003

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