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The town of Arcadian is so asian, its rougly 65%, atleast the schools are, that many of the white presidents mix it with the word Asian creating Arcasia
Houston, we see yellow from up here, oh I think its, Yep its Arcasia, wow that goes all the way to the moon, makes sense...
by Adam Gold November 15, 2006
A guy that is so gay there needs to be a large set of books to explain how gay he is.
You see that guy over there in the american eagle polo? Yeah, he's a faglopedia.
by Adam Gold November 15, 2006
To have sex with someone in the buttocks and after finishing to suck all of the cum out of they're asshole
I really enjoy felching because I'm such a perv that cuming in someones asshole just isnt enough
by Adam Gold November 15, 2006

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