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Bentley College is quite possibly one of the most highly under-rated business schools in the nation with an average incoming freshmen SAT of 1220. FAST on the rise and considered to be a “hidden gem.” Founded in Boston as the Bentley School of Accounting and Finance in 1917, it is now ranked 20th in the nation by 2006 US News & World Report for undergraduate accounting. It is also ranked 31st in the nation for undergraduate business programs by 2006 BusinessWeek, nearly tied with Boston University’s school of management and just behind Babson College (29th).

Job recruiting is highly criticized (by non finance/accounting majors) as being too focused on accounting/finance. Big four accounting firms recruit like crazy at Bentley. By senior year, accounting/finance majors can expect to have multiple job offers and to deal with stress in choosing among them.
Person 1 (MA public high school teacher): So have you made up your mind on college plans?

Person 2: I got accepted to Babson College, but I didn't get into Wharton undergrad or Cornell. I know I want to go into accounting or work in corporate finance though. Bentley College seems to have mad connects with the big four accounting firms. My brother is more entrepreneurial so he goes to Babson.

Person 1: Ahh, going into business I see. Congratulations on your acceptance.

Person 2: Thanks.
by Adam Gabel May 27, 2006

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