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The exuberant personality brought upon by use of opiates.
1)"I feel terrible but all I need is an oxy or a hydro and I will be El Champino!"
by Adam Charles Stewart September 08, 2008
"Bloody illuminati" commonly referred to as "ILL" or "ILL JUICE" it is a homemade juice drink than when consumed causes mild to powerful opiate effects much like morphine or opium or oxycontin depending on how its made.
It is a home made beverage made of store bought poppy seeds and a fruit juice of your choice, mixed, shaken and filtered.(fruit punch is the most commonly used juice in which it gets the name "bloody" it gets the name "Illuminati" because its such a powerful secret.)
Popular among recovering addicts and experimenting teens.
It is illegal so I did not put the directions on how to make it on here.
1)Yo Adam lets make some ill and chill dog!
2) Hey Sarah! have you got any more ill juice left from last night?
3)does anybody know how to make a bloody illuminati?
by Adam Charles Stewart August 14, 2008
Pronounciation for a male:"El Champino" is
for a female: "El Champina" is

Originally it was street slang from the southern United States describing the euphoric feelings associated with being high on pain pills like Oxycontin, Roxycontin, Oxycodone(percocet), Hydrocodone ETC...
but has now evolved to many definitions including...
1)-The description of the euphoric feeling of intoxication commonly associated with opiates and or alcohol.(feeling Great)

2)-It is the nickname or party title of a person who gets intoxicated with drugs or alcohol but handles it very well and/or is fun and entertaining.

3)-a person can use the term to describe themselves as a "champion" user of drugs and or alcohol.

4)-Being able and or excelling at performing tasks while intoxicated with drugs or alcohol.
El Champino and El Champina Examples...

1)-Damn did you see Adam last night? he was "El Champino"! he ate like... ten pain pills and was last man standing at the party!

2)-Damn! Sarah drank all that vodka?! she is "El Champina!"

3)-"Masculine" I took an oxy I am El Champino!
4)-"Feminine" I took an oxy I am El Champina!

5)Sarah! put on this morphine patch and you will feel like "El Champina!".

6)Hey Adam! are you sure your O.K. to drive?
Adam responds: Hell yeah I'm El Champino!

7) man I was "El Champino" last night what did you do?...

by Adam Charles Stewart August 12, 2008

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